Disciple Development Fund

Guidelines Effective April 1, 2018

The Michigan Mission Center Conference has established a Disciple Development Fund (DDF) from a portion of the net proceeds and remaining assets of the former Harbor Beach and Fargo congregations. By conference action the DDF is “available to assist individuals in the Michigan Mission Center with registration fees and travel expenses for World Church, Mission Center, and Field experiences such as, but not limited to, Conferences, Peace Colloquy, MEADS (Ministerial Education and Discipleship Studies), Community of Christ Seminary, and other trainings.”

As directed by the conference, the Mission Center President has appointed “a committee to draft guidelines for eligibility, define the application and selection process, and determine fund distribution procedures for review and approval by the Mission Center Council to most effectively maximize the use of the funds for discipleship experiences for individuals in the Michigan Mission Center.”

The Disciple Development Fund (DDF) Guidelines are as follows:


All Community of Christ members within the Michigan Mission Center shall be eligible to apply for financial assistance from the Disciple Development Fund. Any costs for tuition, registration (including meals and lodging), books, materials, travel expenses, or other fees associated with a disciple development experience sponsored or authorized by Community of Christ or its affiliates and partners are eligible for reimbursement within the limits set forth below.

Application & Selection

An individual shall submit an application for funding assistance to the DDF Committee detailing the experience she/he will be attending, the costs of the experience, funding received from other sources, and the amount of funding requested from the DDF. An individual may apply for funding in multiple categories. Requests will be considered in the order they are received. The following limits will apply to funding requests.

An individual may receive up to:
A – $1,000 within one academic year for costs associated with Community of Christ Seminary courses.
B – $250 for each Community of Christ World, USA, or Field conference, retreat, training, or other experience.
C – $50 for each Michigan Mission Center conference, retreat, training, or other experience.
D – $50 for each Temple School course.
E – $500 for each disciple development experience sponsored by a Community of Christ affiliate or partner as approved by the mission center officers.

Fund Distribution Procedures

The DDF Committee will review each application and determine the amount of funding available to the individual for the given request. Once funding is approved by the committee the individual will receive instructions for submitting receipt of payments made and a record of miles traveled for approved expenses. Mileage will be reimbursed at the approved IRS rate for volunteers. An individual designated by the mission center financial officer will process reimbursement payments from the DDF for approved expenses when receipts are received.

CLICK HERE for a Printable Application Form

-or- apply online by completing the form below:

  • Indicate the nature & date of the training/event, if you are a first-time attendee, what expenses you are asking to be reimbursed for, expected mileage if applicable, and any other funding you may be receiving. Use back if needed.