This week’s Leading Mission Tip is a valuable – and fun – activity for a congregation, called “Walking the Neighborhood.”

The purpose is to walk around the congregational neighborhood “to sense where God is active, enter opportunities for conversation, and offer blessings through silent prayer. By learning to listen and pay attention to what is happening in the lives of people, new understandings, ways of being and living Christ’s mission are gained.”*

Begin by connecting with God’s Spirit through reading the Mission Prayer 2 or 3 times: ”God, where will your Spirit lead today? Help me be fully awake and ready to respond. Grant me courage to risk something new and become a blessing of your love and peace. Amen.”

Then simply walk around the neighborhood of your church meeting place (two or more in each group). “As you walk, pray for God’s guidance and offer God’s blessing on each home and the people who live there.” Greet any persons you see and stop for conversation if they seem inclined.

This Missional Practice is not about inviting people to church; rather, it “helps us understand what God is up to in the lives of people in our neighborhoods by being present where they – and we — live.”

*Quotes are from Michigan Mission Center materials.

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