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Net proceeds from the sale of capital assets can be used for program and/or capital projects which support the vision, mission and goals of the world church, mission center, or congregation. When a mission center disposes of a capital asset, the mission center officers, in consultation with the apostle (or the apostle’s designee) and mission center council, will submit a resolution for the use of the net proceeds to a mission center conference.

In addition to the above policy for the Use of Net Proceeds from the sale of Capital Assets, voluntary generosity contributions from Net Proceeds will be requested to support mission needs of the World Church as identified and approved by the Council of Twelve, the Presiding Bishopric and the First Presidency. (Net Proceeds Policy 7/1/15)

“Net proceeds from the sale of campgrounds shall be utilized for pursuing mission through the development of campground properties and mission center camping and gathering activities.” (4/11/15 Mission Center Conference)

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