In the last Leading Mission Tip, we explored the meaning of the phrase “Christ’s Mission is our Mission.” A primary concern of Jesus was to alleviate suffering among the people of his time, to balance the scales between the wealthy and the poor of his society. I promised that the next few Tips would be focused on ways a congregation can explore its calling in its own community.
A very helpful first step is to obtain a Percept report, which will outline aspects of your community. You will receive groupings in these categories: People and Place, Faces of Diversity, Community Issues, and Faith Preferences. Community of Christ has a subscription with the Percept Group, so these reports can be generated very quickly. Any congregation in Michigan which would like to obtain such a report should contact one of our Mission Center team: Dan Nowiski, Adam Bouverette or Dianna Vanderkarr.
A Percept report is just the first step in identifying an area of need in your community that your congregation – with its own areas of giftedness and interest – can be a part in alleviating. These Leading Mission Tips will now be coming out every two weeks – meanwhile, we encourage your congregation to ask for a Percept report; even if you have had one in the past, an update will be useful, as demographics, etc., do change over time. Below are the email addresses you can use to request your free Percept report!;;

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