March 1, 2015 is suggested as a day of emphasis on world hunger issues and what we can do as Community Christ to end hunger in our communities and around the world. Many Community of Christ congregations will be gathering on March 1 to worship together and celebrate the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.

As you plan for this worship experience on the second Sunday of Lent, please consider what you and your congregation can do to become more aware of the hunger experienced by so many people in your area and across the globe.  Plan to use one of the resources below to help motivate people you know to take action towards abolishing poverty and ending suffering.

Bread for the World – 2015 Offering of Letters

Visit this site for detailed information and access to a complete kit for conducting an offering of letters in your congregation:

Documentary – A Place at the Table. One Nation. Underfed

Visit this site for more information about a book, documentary, videos, information, and more tools which address food insecurity in the U.S.

Community of Christ – World Hunger Grants

You can learn more about projects funded by Community of Christ and how you can help by visiting


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