Resources for Invitation

Sharing in Community of Christ: Exploring Identity, Mission, Message, and Beliefs, 4th ed.

This short text is great for introducing friends, neighbors, and others to the church or deepening their understanding of our faith. It contains church identity statements, Enduring Principles, Basic Beliefs, Mission Initiatives, and many other insights, making it ideal for adult classes, individual study, and your home or church library. It is available for purchase for $6.95 from Herald House.

Latter-day Seekers

The Latter-day Seekers website provides information on ministry to those with an LDS background. It provides helpful information about the denomination whichis specific to the needs of this type of seeker. 


Harmony is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the State of Missouri.  Our mission is to provide advocacy, education, and resources for Queer voices* in Community of Christ with a shared vision of full participation.

*The term Queer is being reclaimed by some who identify as LGBTQ+ and is used as an umbrella term for the LGBTQ+ community.  We use the phrase “Queer voices” to describe all person, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity (SOGI), who have the courage to use their voice to speak for justice for the marginalized in the Queer community.

Of Water and Spirit: Preparing for Baptism and Confirmation in Community of Christ

The path to baptism and confirmation is just the start of the journey in the life of all disciples. It offers a wealth of guidance that will help people understand and deepen their discipleship. Unlike the similarly named book for children, this 12-lesson offering focuses on leading youth, adults, and seekers into deeper understandings of discipleship.

As they prepare for these sacraments, they’ll learn that baptism expresses repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Confirmation affirms the presence of the Holy Spirit and invites disciples into the life and mission of Community of Christ. It is available for purchase for $15.95 from Herald House.

CofChrist on YouTube

Community of Christ maintains an active YouTube Channel with video resources for sharing the mission, message, identity and beliefs in professionally produced videos which are available for use in your New Expression or congregation as well as on social media platforms.

Hospitality: Sharing God’s Welcome

This resource focuses on reclaiming the biblical art of hospitality—the obligation of disciples to care for physical, social, and spiritual needs—and of welcoming strangers and guests into individual and corporate fellowship by creating a space for others to enter and be received as a friend.

In addition to the theoretical discussions, each of the six chapters includes a scripture focus with questions for individual or group reflection, a Community of Christ story of hospitality in practice, and a list of practical helps for congregations. A gifts assessment questionnaire is also provided, as well as congregational guest surveys. This is a valuable resource for congregations looking to share God’s welcome with their community. It is available for purchase for $9.95 from Herald House.