We have by now all heard the phrase, “Christ’s mission is our mission,” and if we desire to live out that goal, it will be helpful to consider the 7 Foundational Principles of Mission.
1. Mission begins with encounter – We encounter God, God’s love, and God’s mission through direct experience with the Divine through spiritual practices such as “Dwelling in the Word.” Are we willing, as individuals and as congregations, to take the time to be formed by the Spirit?
2. Mission is most fully lived out in Jesus’ proclamation in Luke 4:18-19. When Jesus read from Isaiah, proclaiming it as his own, to bring “good news to the poor … freedom for captives … recovery of sight for the blind” – he was saying that his mission was to relieve suffering and to work for social justice. As we willing to work for justice in our own neighborhoods?
3. Mission is disruptive. Are we willing to follow the disruptive promptings of the Holy Spirit that cause us to see with new eyes people, situations, and relationships in need of healing?
4. Mission is risking something new. We are called to be co-creators of God’s ultimate vision for creation. Are we willing to be led by the Spirit into new ways of “doing church?”
5. Mission is contextual. As the culture around us changes, are we willing to live out the message and mission of Christ in language and form that is meaningful for new generations or people?
6. Mission is a unique expression of giftedness and calling. How can we create a congregational community in which the gifts of each person are valued and utilized?
7. Mission is a long journey in the same direction. Are we willing to take the time to shift our priorities to align more closely with God’s vision for our congregation?
In the next few weeks, we will discuss each of the above principles one at a time.
Leading Mission Tips come from Michigan Mission Center materials.

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