The World Church Peace and Justice Team originally was established by World Conference action in 1982 and was more clearly defined in 2000 to explore issues of peace and justice. As a team that represents lay members and ministers in addressing peace and justice questions of the world church body, the team is uniquely able to pursue issues that cross jurisdictional boundaries and that are of importance to the worldwide church.

Mission Alignment

Pursue Peace on Earth is the primary focus for the team with an additional focus on justice issues that are essential for pursuing peace.

Key Priorities for 2014-2016

  • Address WCR 1303 Nuclear Weapons Abolition in collaboration with the Earth Stewardship Team
  • Research and recommend potential action(s) on the Israel-Palestine issues
  • Work in synergy with the Temple Strategy Team on potential synergies focused on developing the “Temple as a center for global peacemaking.”

Team Members

Jim Hannah, co-chair
Sharon Hannah, co-chair
Dave Anderson
Larry Drury
Jim Everett
Debbie Gruenewald
Andy Horner
Tim Kunzweiler
Brad Martell
Lu Mountenay
Sally Norton
Sue Norton
Malcolm Stephenson
Chrystal Vanel
Adam Wade

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