Earth Stewardship Team

The Earth Stewardship Team promotes environmentally responsible choices throughout the Michigan Mission Center congregations, campgrounds and ministries. Sacredness of creation is an important Enduring Principle of Community of Christ. If you are interested in joining the Earth Stewardship Team, please contact

Encouraging Environmental Stewardship

Whereas, Community of Christ upholds the enduring principles of the sacredness of creation and responsible choices and states that we join with God as stewards of the care and hope for all creation, recognizing that many aspects of creation need redemption because of irresponsible and sinful human choices, and we are called to make responsible choices within the circumstances of our lives that contribute to the purposes of God; and

Whereas, Doctrine & Covenants 163:4b states, “The earth, lovingly created as an environment for life to flourish, shudders in distress because creation’s natural and living systems are becoming exhausted from carrying the burden of human greed and conflict. Humankind must awaken from its illusion of independence and unrestrained consumption without lasting consequences;” and

Whereas, Doctrine & Covenants 163:4c states, “Let the educational and community development endeavors of the church equip people of all ages to carry the ethics of Christ’s peace into all arenas of life. Prepare new generations of disciples to bring fresh vision to bear on the perplexing problems of poverty, disease, war, and environmental deterioration. Their contributions will be multiplied if their hearts are focused on God’s will for creation;” and

Whereas, The Community of Christ Earth Stewardship Team recognizes the need to foster greater sensitivity toward God’s earth through a deeper understanding of human interrelatedness to, and dependence on, the earth; seeks to promote changes that result in a sustainable environment; aims to help the church become more aware of the issues related to the environmental crises facing our world; and will recommend environmentally sound policies and procedures; therefore, be it

Resolved, That campgrounds, congregations, and groups in the Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center are encouraged to eliminate the purchase and use of disposable tableware (e.g. plates, cups, utensils, table coverings, serving dishes, etc. that are made from Styrofoam, plastic, aluminum, or paper) and disposable individual serving beverage containers; and be it further

Resolved, That the boards and officers responsible for maintaining campgrounds, congregations, offices and other facilities within the Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center investigate and implement all practical measures to reduce energy usage and the consumption of resources (e.g. energy audits, proper insulation, energy efficient appliances, programmable thermostats, efficient light bulbs, paper reduction); and be it further

Resolved, That paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum, and glass recycling be implemented and encouraged in all Michigan USA/Canada Mission Center facilities where local or regional recycling programs are available; and be it further

Resolved, That a Michigan USA/Canada Earth Stewardship Team be appointed annually by the mission center president for the purpose of gathering resources, collecting data, sharing recommendations, providing educational materials, and pursuing projects that support and encourage efforts to reduce consumption and implement sustainable practices in all mission center facilities and activities.

-Adopted by the Michigan Mission Center Fall Conference in November 2013