Daily Prayer for Peace — 29 September

Russian Federation map

Gathering in Silence
Call to Prayer on Chime
Lighting of Peace Candle
Good afternoon.  In the name of Jesus Christ, I welcome all who are gathered in this sacred place, and all who join us in places made sacred by God’s spirit of peace.

United in a common wish for peace in our lives and in our world, we gather in this Temple and join with brothers and sisters around the world in praying for peace.
We seek God’s shalom for people of all nations, and today we especially remember the people of the Russian Federation in our prayers.  Russia is a diverse and expansive nation with 142.9 million people, who come from over 100 ethnic groups with more than 140 languages and dialects.  There are two federal cities, St Petersburg and Moscow, and 83 other administrative areas.  Russia continues to evolve socially, politically, and economically.  Although it is a federation, the exact distribution of power between the central government and local and regional authorities is still uncertain and developing.    Russia continues to struggle in its efforts to build a democratic political system and market economy to replace the strict social, political, and economic controls of the communist period. Current concerns include lack of political freedom, religious persecution, drug and alcohol abuse, corruption, organized crime and terrorism.  Community of Christ has been established in Russia since 2007.

As we share together in worship and prayer, may our hearts and minds be open to new ways God is leading us to promote justice and peace for people of the Russian Federation and all nations.

Scripture Reading – Psalm 121:1-2

I lift my eyes to the mountains—from where will my help come?
My help comes from Our God, who made heaven and earth!

Prayer for Peace – Len Young

Loving God:
We lift our hearts to you today to pray for peace throughout the world.  Many times we cannot see beyond our own culture and nation.  We pray for the ability to see the larger picture, to look beyond the confines of our own cultural perspective and to embrace the whole world as our family.
You have called us to be makers of peace in a troubled world.  Give us the strength to stand up for peace even when it is not popular to do so.  Give us the courage to speak out when the drums of war begin to beat.  Give us the assurance that you will walk beside us as we seek the path that your Son Jesus Christ walked.
May your Spirit especially bless the many cultures and peoples who form the Russian Federation.  They have a long and a great history.  In the middle of a time of great growth and prosperity, give them generosity toward the poor.  In a time of international turmoil, give them the ability to rise above nationalistic ambitions and embrace the call to unity among the nations of the world.
Throughout the world, let peace prevail and let is reign in our hearts.
We pray in the name of Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

Любовь к Богу:
Поднимем наши сердца с вами сегодня, чтобы помолиться за мир во всем мире. Много раз мы не можем видеть дальше нашей собственной культуры и нации. Мы молимся за способность видеть более широкую картину, чтобы смотреть за пределы нашей собственной точки зрения культуры и обнять весь мир, как нашей семьи.
Вы призвал нас быть создатели мира в неспокойном мире. Дайте нам силы встать на защиту мира, даже если он не пользуется популярностью, чтобы сделать так. Дайте нам мужество говорить, когда барабаны войны начинают бить. Дайте нам гарантию, что вы будете ходить рядом с нами, как мы идти по пути, который вы Сын Иисус Христос ходил.
Пусть ваш Дух особенно благословлять многих культур и народов, которые образуют в Российскую Федерацию. Они имеют долгую и большую историю. В середине времена великого роста и процветания, дать им щедрость к бедным. В период международных потрясений, дать им возможность подняться над националистическими амбициями и охватить призыв к единству между народами мира.
Во всем мире, не говоря мира преобладают и пусть это царствование в наших сердцах.
Мы молимся во имя Иисуса Христа, Господа нашего, аминь.

HymnCommunity of Christ Sings #574, Touch Me Lord, With Thy Spirit Eternal
Prayers of the People

We thank you, God, for the rich blessings of all creation, for your redeeming love expressed through your son Jesus Christ, and for the joy and blessing of sacred community.

The People Pray in Silence

Forgive us when our concern for self keeps us from knowing your peace and sharing your peace with others.  Guide us in being people who pursue peace through actions which promote justice and wholeness for all people.

The People Pray in Silence

We pray for the nations of the world.  In particular this day we pray for the people of the Russian Federation. Guide all who strive for reconciliation and peace amid the issues that challenge their country and people.

The People Pray in Silence
We pray for all who are oppressed by poverty, disease, exploitation, prejudice, and for those who are in any way denied their full worth as your beloved children.  Strengthen us to engage wholeheartedly in the compassionate mission of Jesus Christ for the sake of all creation.

The People Pray in Silence

Please use this space to pray for any current concern or event in our community, city, state, nation or world that you feel needs to be held up to God for prayerful consideration.

The People Pray in Silence

Hear our prayer, O God, as we offer ourselves as instruments of your peace. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray.  Amen.

Sending Forth
Our service closes with ministry of music. You are welcome to remain in the quiet and beauty of this place to pray or meditate.
Let us go forth with the challenge to live in love.  May our thoughts and actions be those which embody the worth of all persons and promote justice, wholeness, healing, and peace.

Ministry of Music