Resources for Congregations

Worship Resources

The Community of Christ website offers worship planning resources such as themes, tips, tools, Disciple’s Generous Response tools, Sermons on Demand and more. These resources are deisgned to provide congregations with content which is consistent with denominational identity, mission, message and beliefs. 

Missional Living and Leading

This website provides formational videos, practices, and resources to shape and equip individuals and leaders to share God’s love and peace in community with others. It is a work in process because our journey to discover and live God’s future is always unfolding.

Spiritual Formation

Spiritual formation awakens disciples to the Divine Presence in the midst of everyday life. Through spiritual practices, worship, and retreats, we learn to listen for God’s Spirit and discern invitations to share God’s love. The Community of Christ website provides Spiritual Formation resources including resources for discernment and spiritual practice. Spiritual Formation ministries seeks to awaken disciples to the Divine Presence in the midst of everyday life. Spiritual Practices, Retreats, and other formational opportunities deepen our capacity to follow Christ on the inward/outward mission of embodying God’s shalom.

An additional website for the Spiritual Formation Center provides information on spiritual direction, companioning and formation.