As mentioned earlier, an essential step in becoming a missional congregation is to slow down and take time to be with the Divine Spirit on a regular basis. Through this intentional process, we become more open to God’s guidance, and to re-evaluating what we are doing in light of Jesus’ proclamation to “bring good news to the poor” (those in need in our neighborhoods).
This week’s mission tip, then, focuses on another spiritual practice, the “Prayer of Examen,” developed by Ignatius of Loyola. This practice helps us reflect on what we are encountering and learning about God, one another, and our neighbors as we engage in the missional journey.
If in a group setting, the leader will read each section below, then allow time for reflection on each; this practice is also helpful on an individual basis, which could be done as part of daily evening prayers:
1. Become aware of the presence of God and awake to Christ’s invitation. Take a moment to become calm and centered.
2. Read a text from one of the four Gospels in the spirit of prayer.
3. Spend a few moments contemplating your day with gratitude and reverence.
4. Identify feelings, emotions, insights or times that touched your heart, either positively or negatively.
5. Choose a feeling, emotion, insight or time from the day and pray from it. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal how this may draw you closer to the Living Christ and his invitation.
6. Talk with God or Jesus like a friend. Be honest and open. Leave time for silence to listen. Ask for help and wisdom about the questions you have, the desires of your heart and the problems you face.
*From Michigan Mission Center materials

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