This week’s Tip focuses on the importance of spiritual formation as a means of staying connected to God’s Spirit, to discern God’s will for the congregation. Try starting every meeting or gathering with a spiritual practice, such as “Dwelling in the Word,” in which we listen – not analytically, but spiritually — for what God may be nudging us to sense. In this practice, a chosen scripture is read 2-3 times. After each time, pause for at least 60 seconds, so listeners can reflect & ask themselves: “What word, emotion, feeling, phrase, idea, or image do I sense God drawing me to dwell upon?” “What am I sensing God is leading me to explore or give attention to?” “What new understanding, way of being, and living of Christ’s mission is emerging for me?” “How does this passage call us as a congregation into Christ’s mission?” (Folks are generally given a copy of the scripture & questions.) This should take at least 15 minutes. We slow down to allow time for listening to what God is seeking to reveal to us. For starters, try using D&C 162: 2c-e.

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