Last week, we looked at ways to develop a more intentionally Spirit-led congregation. “Dwelling in the Word” (discussed in February) is a spiritual practice that can help us do that. To review, “Dwelling in the Word” can be done in this way: pre-select a scripture passage; gather in the spirit of community and prayer; provide a copy of the scripture for all to read; one person leads the exercise by explaining that “Dwelling in the Word” is a prayerful — not analytical – way of reading scripture. Then read the passage 2-3 times. Ask participants to notice a particular word, phrase or image in the passage they feel led to explore or ponder, being open to what the Spirit may be guiding them to discover. Allow for meditative silence between readings. Discussion may follow at the end, if desired, or participants may write down (“journal”) their thoughts.
For this week’s Tip, try Integrating “Dwelling in the Word” into your Sunday morning worship experience through:
a. Replacing the sermon with a “Dwelling in the Word” and then have discussion;
b. Add a “Dwelling in the Word” as a worship element;
c. Do a “Dwelling in the Word” just prior to your worship experience;
d. Ask one or two persons to share their experience with “Dwelling in the Word” each week in the worship service.

“Dwelling in the Word” is a way of seeking God’s Spirit and leadings. It’s about discerning how God is calling and sending the congregation to embody and live the concerns and passion of Christ in its own neighborhoods.

“Leading Mission Tips” are taken from Michigan Mission Center materials.

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