“No. 7: Mission is a unique expression of giftedness and calling. Mission emerges from our collective and unique giftedness and when we use our gifts for the sake of creating communities of peace and justice.” What does this mean, and how does this impact how our congregations operate?

If we are using the unique gifts and callings of members, the congregation’s missional effectiveness will greatly increase. So first of all, we must identify the gifts and callings found within our congregation (and these could change over time, so it’s important to review these on an annual basis). There are many ways to do this, but here is a fun way to engage the entire congregation:

Find a time when the congregation is meeting – it could even be at the end of a potluck! – and ask everyone (children, too!) to fill out a “Giftedness and Calling” form. This will have two sections, one for Gifts and the other for Callings. Ask each person to identify at least two Gifts that they have (abilities, such as for public speaking, arranging worship centers, music, visiting the homebound, greeting people, smiling, etc.,) and two Callings (what they feel called to do for Christ’s mission in their own community). Then simply collect the forms; the pastor(s) and priesthood should carefully look these over, and discussion will take place to see how these gifts and callings can best be used in the congregation’s mission in its community.

*Words within quotation marks indicate direct quotes from Michigan Mission Center materials

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