The Earth Stewardship Team was established as a standing committee by World Conference action in 1992 to focus on issues of environment and development and to give guidance to the church.

Mission Alignment

The church is called to “…bring fresh vision to bear on the perplexing problems of…environmental deterioration” (Doctrine and Covenants 163:4c). The team’s primary concern is the identification and promotion of human accountability and responsible behavior toward the Earth and its resources in individual, church, and community life.

Key Priorities for 2014-2016

“Fracking” and Sacredness of Creation

Research the theological, ethical, and environmental issues related to “fracking” in relationship to Sacredness of Creation
Provide a synthesis of the issues and concerns, including implications for church-owned properties
Submit recommendations/advice for responding to requests for fracking on church properties
Prepare resources for informing members of critical issues related to fracking and its impact on the Sacredness of Creation
Collaborate with Peace and Justice Team on WCR 1303 Action Toward Nuclear Weapons Abolition

Share resources for education and dialogue to advance awareness of toxicity to the Earth, encourage and support membership action on non-proliferation and elimination of nuclear weapons
Encourage justice, peace and reconciliation training, and activities that educate concerning the complexities of nuclear disarmament and international strategic deterrence issues
Network across the church, including access to the church’s website, periodicals, and social media
Connect and encourage the many individuals of Community of Christ and its affiliates such as PeacePathways, as well as advocates throughout the world, committed to a peaceful, safe, and secure, nuclear-weapons-free world;
Report progress toward these aims together with recommendations for further initiatives to the 2016 World Conference

Team Members

Craig Martens, chair
David Barth
Jayson Gray
Lindsay Harmon
Grant Bradley-Lowe
Lu Mountenay
Phyllis O’Daniels
Linda Read
Emily Rose
Mary Kay Speaks

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