16621 Lahser Rd
Detroit, MI 48219
Pastor(s): Julie Bock

What it takes to maintain Detroit Hope

Our current average Loose Offering received each week is:
Sundays $12.00 Wednesdays $3.00: approximately $780.00 per year. Our envelope givers increase this to between $3,000 and $4,000 per year total contributions.
Average Expenses:
BUILDING: Expenses are covered by the sale of the Carleton congregation. Funds have been set at approximately $20,000 per year. Once these funds are depleted no support is scheduled from the Mission Center. Funds cover the following expenses:
DTE (electricity and gas/heating); Water, Snow removal; Repairs; Lawn care; Insect/rodent removal/treatment.

Additionally, Program/Ministry expenses (beyond the Building expenses) and the lives touched as a result are itemized below.
Pizza Church: 9 pizzas per week $3,640.00/yr 20 ppl/wk 1040 ppl/yr
Sunday Worship/Bible Study: 1 dozen donuts; other minimal exp $515.00 15 – 20 ppl/wk 936 ppl/yr
Forgotten Harvest: Minimal exp – caution tape, paper/printing $100.00/yr. 165 ppl/wk 3900 ppl/yr
Food Pantry: Minimal exp – plastic containers $50.00 3 ppl/wk 82 ppl/yr
Clothes Closet Minimal: shelving $50.00 4 ppl/wk 100 ppl/yr
Little Free Library: Minimal/no cost $0.00 4 ppl/wk 100 ppl/yr
Program supplies Juice, plates, cups, coffee, maintenance & cleaning supplies $1,200.00/yr These costs should be split across all ministry programs
Peacemakers Camp: $5k Goodfellows grant funds; additional costs cover staffing & adult lunches $7,200.00 over and above grant funds 20 – 50(per day) youth ages 3 to 15 100 ppl/yr
Game Room: Minimal/no cost This is a new ministry to 13 to 30 yr olds 6 ppl/wk 312 ppl/yr
CTC: Internet, copier lease, ink, paper, ABCMouse, computer maintenance $3,040.00/yr 35 people/week use the lab for homework, job searches, employment & social service requirements, email access & games 1820 ppl/yr (does not include use by Peacemakers Campers)
Halloween Party: Pumpkins, game items $150.00/yr 20 ppl/yr
Christmas Party Minimal/no cost $0.00 30 ppl/yr
Hosting Community Events Minimal/no cost; groups often leave items for use by the congregation (plates, food, etc.)
Detroit Hope is well-recognized by elected officials and community leaders as a gathering place for community meetings. Some groups meet monthly; some 1 or 2 times per year. Group sizes vary from 3 or 4 to 50-75.
Groups include: Present in Brightmoor; 482Forward; Brightmoor Alliance; Voices for Earth Justice; Unity in the Community; D1 Anti-Gun Violence; It Takes a Village Y’All; Miller Grove Block Club; L.O.V.E.; Blight Busters; Detroit Police Community Liaison 250 ppl/yr

TOTAL COST TO PROVIDE MINISTRY TO 8,690 PEOPLE PER YEAR = $15,950.00 ($1.84/per person) (Not including the $20,000 allotted for Building expenses.)
The Michigan Mission Center provided $13,500.00 of support in 2016. $6,750.00 in support is proposed for 2017, $3,375.00 for 2018 and
$0.00 for 2019 and beyond.

Detroit Hope currently has 2 active priesthood members, 2 active ordinands, and 2 active non-priesthood member/leaders. The greatest support that could be provided to Detroit Hope-besides direct funding–is the commitment of presence by those who would be willing to attend DH services and activities regularly for at least a year. This would involve active participation and mentoring of up-and-coming leaders; but a requirement is that these ‘ministers of presence’ be open-minded and willing to learn what life is like for those living in this community as well.

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