Centering Prayer is one of the most basic ways to connect with God’s divine Spirit and Presence. The following practice can be done in congregational groups.

A leader guides a group process by reading these phrases slowly, with pauses between to allow spiritual centering:

“Sit upright, feet flat on the floor, back straight. Close eyes and begin by observing your breathing as it enters and travels to your center and as it exits and travels out into the world. Just observe, without striving or controlling. [pause] As thoughts arise, with loving kindness simply dismiss them and return to observing the breath. After a few moments you will begin to notice a peaceful calm beginning to descend upon you. [pause for approximately 1-2 minutes]

Now as you breathe in, silently say to yourself one of these phrases: “Holy One,” “Eternal One,” “Creator,” “I AM,” or another that brings you closest to the Spirit. [pause] As you breathe out, say to yourself, “Fill me.” Continue this centering for a few moments, allowing God’s Spirit to enter your being.” [pause for 1-2 minutes or more]

When the allotted time is concluded, bring the group back with this: “Now we bring our centering time to a close; I will read the following scripture [optional]. Gradually and gently open your eyes and let us close with an ‘Amen’ and thanks for God’s Spirit being among us.”

Leading Mission Tips are taken from Michigan Mission Center materials

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