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 Youth Camp Scholarship Fund Guidelines 2017

Generous donations to the Youth Camp Scholarship Fund make is possible to support youth with financial need who wish to attend summer camps in Michigan. Scholarships are available to all youth who are attending a Community of Christ camp and have financial need. Award amounts for 2017 will be $75 for all junior camps and $150 for all junior high and senior high camps.

Camper Information:

Please circle the camp your child will be attending:

Senior High                                                         Junior High                                                  Junior
@ Park of the Pines                                           @ Blue Water                                              @ Sanford (Late Junior)
@ Blue Water                                                     @ Park of the Pines                                    @ Sanford (Early Junior)
@ Sanford                                                          @Sanford                                                    @ Park of the Pines
@ Blue Water


Our Intent: We desire to have as many children as possible attend our youth camps for the ministry they receive and the ministry they bring to the camp. We do not want children to miss this opportunity due to lack of finances. However, to preserve the original intent and integrity of the fund. We do require that all responsible parties read, understand, and follow the guidelines.

Youth Camp Scholarship Fund Application

Camper’s Name __________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Name _____________________________________________________

Phone_____________________  E-mail________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Signature __________________________________ Date_____________

I verify that the camper named is in need of financial assistance to pay the camp registration costs.

I verify that the camper named is in need of financial assistance to pay the camp registration costs.

Congregation or Camp: ___________________________________________________________________

Community of Christ Leader Name: _________________________________________________________
(Pastor, CFO, Priesthood Member, or Camp Director)

Community of Christ Leader Signature: ____________________________________________________

Date: _____________________

Submit completed application form at least two weeks prior to the first day of the camp:

 Mail to:                                      – or-                         E-Mail copy to:
Jessica Montague                                           
Attn: Youth Camp Scholarship
1322 Pinehurst Ave
Flint, MI 48507