Mission Center Council

Mission center councils are advisory in nature and assist the mission center leaders in the development of the work of the mission center. The composition of the mission center councils is determined by the mission center involved and should be broadly representative of the membership and congregations of the mission center. Members of mission center councils may or may not be members of the priesthood. If mission center council members are appointed and sustained, the appointing officer or entity may change the persons appointed from time to time to meet changing needs.

Mission center councils may give programmatic, leadership, and spiritual advice to the mission center leadership, but these councils are not administrative in nature. If a mission center conference is not feasible, the mission center council may assume the necessary legislative functions of a mission center conference.

The leaders listed below have been sustained to serve on the mission center council for 2020 in relationship with specific congregations.  These leaders meet quarterly with the mission center officers, ministry leaders, and mission center staff to provide feedback and input on mission center activities, mission, and vision.