Welcome to Journey House!

Journey House Campus Ministries is an outreach of the Community of Christ . We offer student housing as well as activities and training opportunities for students and young adults in the Lansing and East Lansing area.


Journey House provides housing for up to 12 students. Students may be enrolled at any institution of higher learning, including Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, Davenport University, and many other educational institutions in and around Lansing and East Lansing. Students may also be enrolled through an online college or university.

There are no religious requirements for living at Journey House. While the facility and program are sponsored by the Community of Christ, residents are not required to adhere to any particular beliefs or participate in any activities. Persons of all races, religions, and lifestyles are welcome to be part of the Journey House community.

Activities and Learning

Journey House, along with the East Lansing Community of Christ, provide a variety of activities throughout the year for student and young adults. Some regular activities include Coffee Crawls, game nights, and Spring Break Mission Trips.
Journey House seeks to promote learning and leadership for students. Informal discussions, formal classes, and internships are methods Journey House utilizes to help students learn and grow as part of their journey.

Phone: 517-337-1845

Mailing Address
1628 East Grand River Ave.
East Lansing, MI 48823

Solar Powered Journey House – GoFundMission.org

Help promote the Sacredness of Creation. A solar powered Journey House will reduce electric bills for the next twenty five years, as well as freeing up funds to spend on mission and expanding their ministry on campus.


The electric utility provider (Lansing Board of Water and Light-LBWL) for Journey House has partnered with a private company to construct a community solar park in East Lansing. Electric customers now have the opportunity to purchase twenty-five year leases for solar panels. The up-front cost to lease each 300 Watt panel is $399. Customers leasing panels will receive credit to their accounts each month over the twenty-five year period based on the energy produced by the panels. The panels are expected to generate credits that will pay back the initial lease after about fourteen years.

Donations to this project will lead to three positive outcomes. First, money received to lease panels will reduce the electric bill for Journey House for the next twenty five years, so more money can be devoted to pursuing mission. Second, the lease of solar panels will help to generate more energy in the area from a renewable source, which will help to reduce emissions and uphold the sacredness of creation. Third, purchasing leases for some of the panels needed to launch this community park will be a blessing to the community by allowing for construction to proceed. The community park will enable individual customers who may have homes not suited for solar installations or may only be able to lease a small number of panels to join the project.

The initial goal of $3,990 would provide for the lease of 10 panels. Every $399 in additional donations would provide for the lease of another panel. The Journey House would likely be permitted to lease at least 30 panels.

The project on GoFundMission must meet the funding goal by September 14 in order for pledges to be processed and received by Journey House. Please share with your congregation, family, friends, and contacts.

Vote for Journey House – Nonprofit Solar Panel Giveaway

The MI Community Solar project partners will be donating 10 community solar panels to one eligible nonprofit organization in the Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) electric territory. Public voting to determine the winning nonprofit organization is being held from August 16-31, 2017 and votes may be submitted through this webpage during that time: micommunitysolar.org/sign-up/nonprofit-solar-panel-giveaway/.

Please visit the page and vote for Journey House!