Congregations and New Expressions

Congregations are communities of disciples, and they form the fundamental unit of the church’s administrative, ministerial, and missional life.  Congregations gather frequently, preferably at least weekly, to engage in worship, education, fellowship, and other preparation for mission.  Out of a common sense of vision, each congregation seeks to engage in significant missional ministries and together celebrates life as a gift from God as caring, service, prayer, and love are offered and received. Formally organized local units needing extra support or assistance in their early years of development may be organized as emerging congregations. There are eighty congregations and one emerging congregation within the Michigan Mission Center.

New Expressions describes expressions of Community of Christ which are new ways of being the church. Leaders who are vibrant, motivated and focused on creating community connections are wanted!Are you feeling led to try living out your faith in a new way? Interested in exploring a new ministry idea? Michigan Mission Center leadership is ready to support any new expressions of ministry you might be considering.  If you are interested in creating a New Expression in your area please contact Adam Bouverette or Erica Nye and consider joining the group New Expressions in Community of Christ on Facebook.

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