Listening Ear Training

Event details

  • Friday | October 5, 2018 to Sunday | October 7, 2018
  • 7:00 pm - 12:00 pm
  • Sanford Campground

Details, schedule, and registration will be posted later in 2018.

Listening Ear

Listening Ear training equips persons to be attentive listeners when one party in a disagreement or dilemma comes to them about the situation. Each person has extraordinary God-given potential for resolving their conflicts.  This training works on skills that help the listener guide a person to recognize, access and structure their resources in a way that can help the person deal with their situation in a healthy, positive manner, if they so choose.  Listening Ear participants learn how to assist one party without fixing them, giving advice, or counseling.

This training is 15 class contact hours. Prerequisite: Completion of Interpersonal Peacebuilding (Conflict Resolution).

Class Outline

I. Review skills learned in Level One: Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
II. Models of intervention
III. Role of the Listening Ear
IV. Advocate vs. Listening Ear
V. Introduction to Listening Ear Process
VI. Listening skills practice (paraphrasing)
VII. Step One: Getting the Story
A. Practicing listening to the story of speaker
B. Practicing hearing the interests of speaker
C. Debrief
VIII. Step Two: Identify Interests
A. Positions and Interests
1. Discussion
2. Skill practice
IX. Reframing
A. Discussion
B. Skill practice
X. Skill Practice of first two steps
A. Practice
B. Debrief
XI. Impartiality
A. Discussion
XII. Venting vs. Decision Making
XIII. Open-ended Questions
A. Discussion
B. Skill practice
XIV. Step Three: Decision Making Discussion
A. Skill practice
B. Debrief
XV. Skill practice of entire process
A. Practice
B. Debrief
XVI. Making Referrals
XVII. Confidentiality
XVIII. Closing activities and evaluation