Youth Camping

Youth Camps are planned to allow opportunities for all youth to make lasting memories as they experience God in a safe, peace-building community, while enjoying nature, fun, fellowship and friends. Campers develop as disciples through worship, learning, and adventure in a beautiful, inviting, and casual setting.

All Community of Christ Campgrounds in Michigan are licensed and inspected by local health departments, and camp programs are licensed and inspected by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. All youth camps are staffed by individuals who are Community of Christ Registered Youth Workers and pass a criminal background check and child abuse registry clearance.

Blue Water Campground is located at 7291 County Farm Rd, Lexington, MI 48450.
Park of the Pines is located at 4094 Springwater Beach Rd, Boyne City, MI 49712.
Sanford Campground is located at 3500 N West River Rd, Sanford, MI 48657.

Contact Winnie Johnston, Youth Camp Coordinator, with any questions about youth camps.

2018 Summer Youth Camps

Camps sponsored by the Michigan Mission Center for each grade level are listed below.  Fees are based on a $50 per night budget to include all costs for camps (lodging, meals, snacks, programming, staff, etc.).  Mission Center Youth Camp Scholarships are available for campers who have financial need.  Many congregations also provide funding to help youth attend camp.

You will receive a 10% discount off the listed registration fee if you register at least two weeks prior to the first day of camp.  First time campers will receive an additional 10% discount off the listed camp fee.  A deposit of $25 (or the full amount) must be paid at the time of registration to receive the early discount.  The deposit is refundable if cancellation is received at least two weeks prior to the start of camp. 

Senior High Camps (Grades 10, 11, 12, Grad)
July 1-7 @ Park of the Pines – Director Jamie Lis – Cost $300
July 8-14 @ Blue Water – Director Rich Allen – Cost $300
July 8-14 @ Sanford – Director Ben Crowley – Cost $300
July 19-20 International Youth Forum @ Independence, MO – Delegation Leader Alicia Pearson – Cost $180
July 21-28 SPEC @ Graceland University in Lamonia, IA – Delegation Leader Alicia Pearson – Cost $400

Junior High Camps (Grades 7, 8, 9)
July 15-21 @ Blue Water – Director Kelly Christian – Cost $300
July 15-21 @ Sanford – Director Amber Billman – Cost $300
July 22-28 @ Park of the Pines – Director Megan Hacker – Cost $300

Junior Camps (Grades 3, 4, 5, 6)
June 24-28 @ Blue Water – Director Alley Lentz – Cost $200
June 28-July 1 @ Sanford (Early Junior – Grades 2,3,4) – Director Karyn Randall – Cost $150
July 8-12 @ Park of the Pines – Director Ruth Eaton – Cost $200
July 22-26 @ Sanford (Late Junior – Grades 5,6) – Director Dana Thering – Cost $200

Camp Registration Information

Deposit: A $25 deposit and fully completed forms (either online or paper) are required to complete registration. The registration forms and deposit must be received two weeks prior the first day of camp to receive the 10% early registration discount.  Registration deposits are refundable if cancellation is made at least 14 days prior to the first day of camp. 

First Time Camper Discount: Campers attending a Community of Christ youth camp for the first time will receive a 10% discount off the listed registration fee.

Scholarships: Camper scholarships in the amount of $75 for junior camps and $150 for junior high and senior high camps are available through the Michigan Mission Center for campers with financial need. Click the link below to print the scholarship application.  Scholarship applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to first day of camp.  Local congregations may offer additional funding or support for youth campers.  Please contact the pastor or financial officer of your local congregation for more information.

2018 Youth Camp Scholarship Application Form

Late Arrivals: It is the responsibility of a camper’s parent or guardian to make arrangements before the beginning of camp to admit the camper as a late arrival or arrange for an early pick-up. This can be done by e-mail or by telephone with the camp director after registration is submitted. Camp fees are not reduced for campers who arrive late or leave early. 

Part-time Attendance: Some campers have desired to attend camp and to work a job, participate in school athletics or to take academic courses such as summer school or driver’s education. The camper needs to contact the camp director BEFORE camp to explain the specific situation. The camp director will decide whether part time attendance at camp will be allowed. 

Health Information: In accordance with state law, the Registration Form and the Health History Record included in the registration forms must be completed and on file for all campers. This includes a copy of the camper’s insurance card and immunization record.  Campers who do not have this documentation cannot be allowed to stay for the camping experience. PLEASE be sure that all health information is complete. If you do not include copies of the insurance care and immunization record with registration, you must bring a copy to on-site registration. All information is required by the State of Michigan to be on file during camp.

Medications: All medications sent to camp must be in their original containers with instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your camper requires additional attention in order to be able to be successful at camp, please share this information as early as possible with the camp director. This information is critical to adequate staffing for the camp. Thank you for your cooperation, as this allows us to provide a quality and safe program in for your child. If the director does not receive information regarding specific needs of individual campers those campers may not be able to attend camp due to inadequate staffing in accordance with Michigan law.

Contact Jessica Montague with questions about camp registration and fees.

CLICK HERE to Register Online for Youth Camp

(It will be helpful to have a photo or scanned copy of the camper’s health insurance card and immunization record)

CLICK HERE to Download the Printable Youth Camp Registration Form

CLICK HERE to Register for SPEC & IYF

CLICK HERE to Download the SPEC & IYF Scholarship Application Form 

Registration payments should be sent to Katie Haponek, 22310 Swan St 1132, South Lyon, MI 48178.
The cost to attend both SPEC & IYF is $580.

Volunteer as a Youth Camp Staff Member

Contact Winnie Johnston if you would like more information about serving as a camp staff member
(Cook, Health Officer, Lifeguard, Camp Pastor, or Cabin Counselor).  Staff members must be 21 years old (or three years older than the oldest camper), a registered child and youth worker in Community of Christ, pass criminal and child abuse registry checks, and complete staff training.

Apply to be a Youth Camp Director

Directors are currently in place for 2018 youth camps. If you are interested in becoming a camp director please visit the Youth Camp Director Application page to view requirements.