Awaken from Illusion
Michigan Mission Center – 2017 Fall Conference

November 3-5 @ Saginaw Valley State University

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Conference Preparation & Dialogue

Ask questions and engage in dialogue about conference business items (mission center budget, officer appointments, elections, and resolutions).  Join us from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM on Saturday, October 14 at Sanford Campground, 3500 N West River Rd, Sanford, MI 48657.

Conference Preparation Session Handouts

Conference Mission Project

Identify one or more things that you could stop consuming in the weeks leading up to the fall conference.  Some ideas include beverages, snacks, desserts, new clothing, subscriptions to magazines, entertainment services, tickets to arts and athletic events, gasoline for extra trips, cosmetics, music recordings, etc. Put aside the money you would have spent on consuming these items to make a donation at the fall conference.

Funds will be collected at the conference to support a local effort to help make energy efficiency upgrades at campgrounds (LED lights, energy star appliances, HVAC upgrades, etc.) and to support worldwide mission needs through contributions to World Mission Tithes.  If 400 conference attendees would set aside $2 for the next 5 weeks, a total of $4000 would be available for supporting mission.

Help us exceed a goal of $2000 for campground energy efficiency projects and $2000 for World Mission Tithes.  If you are not able to attend the conference, send your donation with a delegate from your congregation.

As in previous years there will also be an opportunity to contribute to the Youth Camp Scholarship Fund as the disciples’ generous response is received during the Saturday afternoon prayer for peace.

“The earth, lovingly created as an environment for life to flourish, shudders in distress because creation’s natural and living systems are becoming exhausted from carrying the burden of human greed and conflict. Humankind must awaken from its illusion of independence and unrestrained consumption without lasting consequences.” (Doctrine & Covenants 163:4b)


Registration fee is $20 per person if payment is received prior to October 28, 2017.  After that date registration will be $30 per person. The registration fee is waived for first time conference attendees and children in 5th grade and below.

Paper Registration Form

Online Registration

Number of Delegates Allocated by Congregation for 2017

Report Congregation Delegates & Alternates

List of Seated Delegates and Alternates

Display Table Request

Limited space is available within the conference room in Curtiss Hall at Saginaw Valley State University for congregations, groups, or individuals to reserve display tables during the Fall Conference.  Click here for more information and an online table request form.


Conference participants will need to make their own arrangements for housing.  Several hotels are available in the Saginaw and Bay City areas.

Twenty rooms with two queen beds at the rate of $110 per night have been reserved at Four Points Sheraton – Saginaw, located at 4960 Towne Centre Rd, Saginaw, MI 48604. Call 989-790-5050 and use the group code SMERF when making a reservation.  Reservations must be received by October 4, 2017 to receive the reserved rate.

Tent/RV sites and six furnished apartments are also available at Sanford Campground, 3500 West River Rd, Sanford, MI 48657.  Call Aden Yoder, Resident Manager, at (989) 429-7049 to make a reservation.
Apartments are $30 per night, RV sites for $16 per night, and tent sites for $11 per night. Please make reservations by Friday, October 27.

 Schedule of Events

Friday, Nov. 3   Saturday, Nov. 4   Sunday, Nov. 5
6:30 PM Registration (closes @ 9:00) 7:30 AM Registration (closes @ 8:45) 8:45 AM Chats with Leaders
7:00 PM Gathering Worship 9:00 AM Morning Business Mtg.* 9:45 AM Classes
7:30 PM Dialogue on Business Items 12:00 PM Lunch (On Your Own) 10:45 AM Commissioning Worship
8:30 PM Meet & Greet 1:30 PM Q&A with Leadership
2:00 PM Afternoon Business Mtg.*
5:00 PM Dinner (On Your Own)
7:00 PM Worship/Presentations
* Nursery and Children’s Activies available for youth through 5th grade

Youth Activities

Activities will be available on Saturday, Nov. 4 at the Fall Conference for youth of all ages during the business sessions.

A nursery/pre-school room will be staffed by registered youth workers from 9:00-12:00 and 2:00-5:00 for children not yet in kindergarten.

Conference Kids activities have been planned for youth in grades K-5 during the 9:00-12:00 and 2:00-5:00 sessions. Music, crafts, lessons related to theme, recreation, and kids conference experience will be led by registered youth workers.

Youth in grades 6-12 are encouraged to participate in the opening worship at 9:00am. As the conference is organized and business begins these youth will have the opportunity to meet with junior and senior high youth ministry leaders from Ventures, Spectacular/International Youth Forum, Journey House, and Youth Camps until 12:00pm. A pizza lunch will be provided for these youth at 12:00. From 12:30-1:30p youth will have the opportunity to ask questions and dialogue with mission center leaders. The youth will be encouraged to draft a youth caucus report to be presented to the conference at the beginning of the afternoon business session prior to the consideration of resolutions. Youth are encouraged to observe (and participate for those who are delegates) during the afternoon business session.


Expectations for Elected Positions

Paper Nomination Form

Online Nomination Form

List of Nominations Submitted

Business Meeting Information

CLICK HERE to access full conference business packet

Tentative Agenda

Proposed Standing Rules

2016 Audit Report

Proposed 2018 Mission Center Budget

Proposed 2018 Mission Center Budget Narrative

Recommendations for 2018 Mission Center Officers

Recommendations for 2018 Mission Center Council and Ministry Leaders

Election – Journey House Campus Ministry Center Board of Directors

Election – Blue Water Campground Board of Directors

Election – Park of the Pines Board of Directors

Election – Sanford Campground Board of Directors

Election – The Woodlands Board of Directors

Consideration of World Church Minister Priesthood Office Callings
Roger Elkins to the Office of High Priest

Resolutions Submitted by Mission Center Officers
Resolution 1 – Designating Previous Contribution to Bridge of Hope Tithes
Resolution 2 – Owosso Net Proceeds
Resolution 3 – Authorization to Sell Detroit Properties
Resolution 4 – Payment of Campground Study Advance
Resolution 5 – Disciple Development Fund Usage
Resolution 6 – Use of Net Proceeds from Campground Sales

Resolutions Submitted by Boards
Resolution 7 – Amend Previously Adopted Resolution to Sell Sanford Campground and Maintain The Woodlands

Past Conference Actions

Fall Conference Minutes 2016

Fall Conference Minutes 2015

Spring Conference Minutes 2015

Fall Conference Minutes 2014
2014 Resolution – Reclassification Ministry Funds
2014 Resolution – Disciple Development Fund

Fall Conference Minutes 2013
2013 Resolution – Environmental Stewardship

Fall Conference Minutes 2012
2012 Resolution A – Seating Alternates
2012 Resolution B – Delegate Policy Amendments
2012 Resolution C – Evaluation of the Michigan Campgrounds

Fall Conference Minutes 2011

Fall Conference Minutes 2010
2010 Resolution A – Delegate Policy
2010 Resolution B – Initiation & Consideration of Legislation